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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Author and Artist Event

Today was an event at the local bookstore, BookMark, in Ludington. It featured interviews with Linda J. Sandow, my cover artist for the children's mysteries, and me. This was a somewhat low-key event, so I was really happy to have this good a turnout.

author event at BookMark, Ludington, MI

Hanne Kelly is a great moderator for these. She is good at asking questions and instigating interaction. She is the one standing.

You can see cover art from The Secret Cellar on display. Linda is selling a few limited edition prints.

author event at BookMark, Ludington, MI

Here is some of that interaction between Linda and me. It was actually pretty exciting, because Linda brought the draft of the color cover for The Bigg Boss. I had not seen a completed version of that before. We talked about how our collaboration came about, and how it has grown.

We both think it's been a great thing!

author event at BookMark, Ludington, MI

Linda also shared about the children's book she's been writing. It's based on her known family history in the early 1700's. She says she's just writing it for her grandchildren, but it's really very good, and several of us hope she'll publish it.

I sold 11 books today, and BookMark stocked up with some more copies of my titles! Next event I'll be at is June 5, at the Scriptorium book store in Clawson, MI (near Detroit). 7 pm... Come if you live over that way!

In other news: Well, not much. I was mostly getting ready for this event or doing it. And it's the hottest day we've had yet. I don't do hot very well.

I did locate the shirt I'm wearing. It's cooler than a fitted shirt, and doesn't make me nuts by looking too girly. I have a piece of fabric I love from which I could make another... wonder if I can find the pattern. By July 6th would be good- I have a 2-day event that weekend.

Oh yeah. I knew there was something else. Spent time on a support chat to get my FTP server working right again. No clue why it stopped working unexpectedly. I changed nothing.

See Book Launch Event
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Rick (Ratty) said...

That's the kind of thing that I find fun. I'd spend all day in a bookstore if I could. There's a good one two towns over, but it's slightly too far to drive very often. Getting books online just isn't quite the same.

Ann said...

There aren't too many brick and mortar bookstores around anymore. Nice to know they haven't all disappeared.

The Oceanside Animals said...

hello sharkbytes its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is verry cool that yoo had sutch a gud ternowt to yore eevent!!! kongratchoolayshuns!!! ok bye

Sharkbytes said...

Hey everyone! I seem to no longer be getting email notices that you have commented. Guess I'll be checking in here and responding more.