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Monday, May 7, 2018

Alabama Wildlife -1

Loretta and I spent the morning doing errands, but then we headed out to try to find a wildlife adventure. We had marginal success, but are going to try again tomorrow. My best picture of the day is a white egret soaring over the Tennessee River.

egret in flight

I can crop that so you'll see the bird better, but I liked the shot with the clouds too.

egret in flight

This is a crummy picture, but there's no (safe) way to get it better. This is white pelicans and cormorants sitting on the rocks in the Tennessee River below the bridge. Had to take it through the railing at 50 mph.

white pelicans and cormorants

Just a mockingbird, but they are pretty, and I seldom see one in Michigan, although it's not unheard of.


While we're doing common birds, here's a cardinal. But I loved how he looked sitting in the white clover.

male cardinal sitting in whiteclover

Funniest wildlife of the day- a stuffed fox in the lodge at Joe Wheeler State Park. The jaunty look for Christmas, I guess.

stuffed fox with a red plaid hat

Now we've arrived at the location we were trying to find: Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge. Sadly, the visitor center is closed on Monday and we didn't know that. But we're planning to go back tomorrow. Nevertheless, it was not a wasted drive. We found a short trail along Flint Creek (which runs into the Tennessee River).

Flint Creek, Alabama

These turtles were pretty far away, so the picture is poor. I'll try harder to get good pictures if I see them tomorrow, because this is a new species for me! These are eastern river cooters, Pseudemys concinna concinna. Since it's new to me, it's obviously my favorite wildlife sighting of the day.

eastern river cooter

I also saw a red wasp that I couldn't get a picture of.

We had a great time! Got in the car to head home just as a downpour let loose. It didn't last too long, but the timing was good for us. Wonderful, wonderful day!

See Mockingbird
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1 comment:

Ann said...

Marginal in better than no success at all. I would say you did good and had a great day