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Monday, May 21, 2018

The New Life- A Sample Day

Although I haven't gotten in any writing (yet), today has been an exemplar day of what I hope will become a standard for me.

It began with a hike on the North Country Trail. About 15 of us started at Sawdust Hole near Brethren. Here's the view over the Manistee River.

spring trees on hillside above Manistee River

The reason we were hiking on a Monday is because TV 9&10 came out and did a segment on the NCT and the Hike 100 and Hike 50 Challenges. It will be aired at 4 pm, Tuesday, May 29. I'll be posting a link to the clip when it's posted on the website.

interview with newscaster in the woods

We had to wait quite a while for the news team to find the trailhead, but after the interviews and shooting of hike segments, we finally got to hiking. Most everyone was released before a few of us- chapter leaders, and me because I've hiked the whole trail. So friend Loren and I ended up hiking together. We did about 5.5 miles and finished just before the serious rain began. We only got damp. No big deal.

This mama rose-breasted grosbeak was right near the parking area, so we moved farther down the trail so as not to disturb her. I was actually amazed at how small a nest they make.

female rose-breasted grosbeak on nest

The trail in this section winds through Leitch Bayou down almost at river level (Manistee River) for a couple of miles.

spring trees beside Manistee River

Then it climbs back up the bluff with more beautiful views of the springtime hillsides.

spring trees on hillside above Manistee River

Loren and I enjoyed taking pictures of a lot of the wildflowers. I particularly like this picture because it's not often you find a multi-colored spread of flowers on a hillside in Michigan. This is hoary puccoon and Indian paintbrush (blooming surprisingly early), with some white fleabane mixed in (hard to see). You may see them closer another day.

spring wildflowers

So I made a measly bit of progress on this year's Hike 100 Challenge. I'm not worried. I'll get it, but this brings me up to 15 miles. I know- pathetic.

Then Dave and Loren, and I went out to catch a late lunch-early dinner. I came home (poison ivy strip, shower, and clothes wash). Now I'm updating some websites with info from today, writing a blog post, and savoring the freedom I feel. Perfect.

This was the same place as Maggie the dog's last long hike, but it was winter then. I looked, but apparently didn't post pictures from that hike. It was also the same piece of trail where I cooked my first ever North Country Trail meal, long ago in 1991.

North Country Trail, Sawdust Hole almost to Highbridge and back

See Sawdust Hole north
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Ann said...

Sounds like a perfect day. I look forward to when I can have freedom 7 days a week.

Secondary Roads said...

A very rainy day here on Monday. Very busy and as many errors as hits. I took Sylvia out for supper. The waitress was serving customers, working the cash box and answering phones. She normally does all that, but last night she was also the cook.