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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Home Again!

Spent last night with friends of 50+ years (Ellen, anyway- Rick almost as long) near Indianapolis. That's really too much to take in. You'll be seeing them again this summer because there is a reunion group meeting at their house in July. This is Ellen and Rick.


Headed for home, and discovered that it takes less time than I thought (I usually travel to/from Indy via other destinations, which were not on the plan this time).

I waved at Vanilla and JoAnn, Jessica and Alan, and Ester as I drove past their latitudes, but no stops this time. I'm plum done in from people-ing for a bit.

That allowed me to take a short break and eat lunch at a picnic table and take a short walk. I stopped at Spicer Lake Nature Preserve just west of South Bend.

Here is a wetland full of buttonbush.


Quite a few hawthorn trees. Check out those prickers!


Bullhead lily leaves on Lancaster Lake. It had rained heavily last night and the trails were quite wet. But that also made the cute little puddles on the lily leaves.

bullhead lily leaves

I am energized and ready to start my "new" life. Got the car unloaded and just did some odds and ends after I got home, but tomorrow morning I can work on whatever projects will get me closer to my goals.

See Buttonbush flower
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Ann said...

Glad you made it back home safe and sound. Enjoy the first day of your new life :)

Secondary Roads said...

I am entranced by the picture of the lily leaves. My first thought was, "It looks like they are floating." Then the profundity of the insight hit me . . . Of course they are floating. Silly old man.