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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Oriole, Oriole

Last night, right after the rain, a bird with a lot of color parked itself in the dead branches at the top of one of the aspen trees. I couldn't quite tell, in the odd after-rain light, (until looking at the pix on the computer) if it was just a robin, although it didn't act very robin like. It's an oriole, but it wasn't acting much like an oriole either, I didn't think. They usually hide a lot in the leaves. Sing their heads off, but don't flaunt that color out in the open.

Northern Oriole, Baltimore Oriole

However, he perched and preened there for quite a while.

Northern Oriole, Baltimore Oriole

When I drove in the driveway this evening, look who was in the same place! He let me get much closer tonight. Never flinched nor fluttered. Very odd. We've never had one stay and build a nest. I wonder if this one is thinking about it.

Northern Oriole, Baltimore Oriole

Today was one of my days to volunteer at the Shagway Arts Barn. It's open, but the season hasn't really gotten going here yet, so after helping shift things around to accommodate a wedding that will be there this weekend, I had a lot of free time, which I put to good use. I finished chapter 5 of The Bigg Boss. I also made yogurt- earlier, before going out to Shagway.

See Mrs. Oriole
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Ann said...

What a pretty bird. Hope it decides that's a good place to nest.

Secondary Roads said...

What a handsome fellow! Here's hoping they nest nearby.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann and Chuck- I didn't see him yesterday.