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Friday, May 11, 2018

A Day in the City

Today was a mixed bag of activities. We started by helping Marleen pack boxes because she is moving to a different house next week. We filled two cars with things she wanted to carry herself (instead of the movers) and took them to the new location. Then we went out to eat at a restaurant called City Hardware.

City Hardware Restaurant

They had some interesting lunch items. Marleen had a fried green tomato BLT with applewood smoked bacon. Loretta had catfish and shrimp, and I had a Mediterranean flatbread sandwich with basil pesto. We were all QUITE happy with our selections.

City Hardware Restaurant

On the way back to the car we passed this manikin in a window for an optometrist office (why?- I guess to show off some cool sunglasses). Anyway... I had to take a picture of the shirt.

shirt with sharks

What? You can't see what the design is? It's sharks! Sharks!

shirt with sharks

Then we went back to Marleen's and borrowed a ladder. We were going to do some more boxes, but somehow ended up going shopping... Oh- because Marleen wanted to buy a drill, and we needed to borrow it too. I also needed to get those zippers for the rain suit I started. So while I was in JoAnne's getting zippers, they went next door and both ended up buying shoes. I also ended up buying fabric for my next pair of pjs with sea turtles all over it. (I know I just made pajamas, but when I find fabric I like on sale-50% off and a 15% off coupon on the whole purchase, I just get it. The only place I can get fabric near home any more is Wal-Mart.) And I also bought a t-shirt that is very cool, and marked WAY down. (I also get cotton t-shirts when they are the right price and size with designs I like)

t-shirt and fabric with turtles

Then we went back to Loretta's and made use of the ladder to change a bunch of her light bulbs that had burned out. She saved some jobs for me to help her with while I was here that were hard to do alone. We have a couple more yet. The drill is charging, so there's hope for the next little job tomorrow.

After that, it was time to head back to church for game night with one of the small groups. We had sandwiches, played a trivia game and laughed a lot.

group playing games

This was a much more "ordinary" day, but those are just as much fun when you are doing things with people you like.

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Ann said...

Maybe ordinary but sounds busy and fun. As for shopping, I'm always happy to find sales and even better if there are coupons.

Secondary Roads said...

Neat shark shirt.