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Friday, May 25, 2018

Being Good AND Having Fun

I managed to leverage a task that needed to be done with a series of fun events.

The recycling that we can't do close to home needed to be delivered, and that's also where we buy trash bags for pickup. We were completely out of bags. So, I drove up to the landfill and took care of all that. Then I visited four nearby sites that needed updating for GetOffTheCouch.info. Actually, two of them need to be added.

First I stopped at Hoags Lake. It's just a pretty little Forest Service spot where one can picnic or fish. All info was still correct.

Hoags Lake, Mason County, Michigan

Then I stopped at Canfield Lake. It's not much of a lake and didn't have true public access until a couple of years ago. (Just a local party site). Now the DNR has added some parking and it's "official." There was a guy there playing frisbee with his dog. The dog was named Prince, and he was friendly. He let me throw his frisbee for him.

dog swimming in Canfield Lake, Manistee County, Michigan

There's often a swan or two there. Today was no exception. Just a mute swan, but they are always pretty. And I like the horizontal ripples with the vertical reeds.

swan on Canfield Lake, Manistee County, Michigan

My serious goal of the day was to hike all the trails at Magoon Creek Nature Area and make good notes. It's complex because there is a whole booklet of interpretive info. There are only about 1.5 miles of trail, but I managed to make it 3.5 by the time I walked every part of every loop and got correct info. It's particularly nice because there are several ecosystems even though the area is small, and there are some good hills.

Here's where Magoon Creek empties into Lake Michigan.

Magoon Creek, Manistee County, Michigan

Just one more quick stop at Sundling Park. It's pretty much just a narrow access to the Lake Michigan beach, but Filer Township has done a nice job of landscaping that strip so you can enjoy shade and have a cooler place to picnic or rest, as well as climb down to the beach.

Sundling Park, Manistee County, Michigan

The lilacs are in full bloom and I think I'm getting high just taking in the scent. I drove home with the window open and it was wonderful!

lilacs in vase

In other news: I tried to get all those pages updated after I got home, but there is something wrong with the FTP. It was working FINE two days ago. I'll have to figure that out. All in all, a mighty fine day. A perfect fit into my master plan for my life. See a very early blog post I Could Do This for a Living.

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Ann said...

It's not every day that one gets to play frisbee with a Prince. LOL

Secondary Roads said...

What a great way to fill a day. I particularly like the mute swan. A pair of them inhabit the pond about a quarter mile north of us. I haven't seen them for a few days.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- I know.. .His human said he doesn't like everyone and was surprised when Prince took to me.

Chuck- I'm actually not a fan of the alien mutes, but I have to confess they are pretty.