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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Snowflake Vendor Event- Best Sales Ever

Today I traveled to Fruitport to sell books at the Calvary School Snowflake Craft and Vendor Fair. This was the entrance hall.

Snowflake Craft and Vendor Fair

The floor of the gym. There were also booths in the balcony and the cafeteria and the other end of the entrance hall. 100 vendors. I thought there was a nice mix of crafts and commercial vendors and snack food (Christmas cookies or other treats). You could also buy pizza slices and chips very reasonably. There was a lot of traffic.

Snowflake Craft and Vendor Fair

I know the people on each side of me did well. Didn't really get a chance to talk to anyone else. But I know people came to buy, because almost everyone walked out with some sort of package.

It was set up nicely with plenty of space in the aisles. The lady next to me should have had more light on her table, but people looked at her stuff anyway. I wasn't sure if my spot was going to be good or not (sometimes your location can make a big difference), but I guess it was good because I took in my biggest amount of cash for a single-day event ever. I was glad to be on the main floor. My booth was just out of the picture at the bottom, near one of the doors. I know a lot of people went upstairs, but I'm not sure everyone did.

Several people bought complete sets of either the Anastasia Raven or the Dubois Files books. And the Calvary School library (K-12) bought a set, also.

One more event before Christmas. I'll be going to the Holland Civic Center on December 8. I know I can't do this well every time out, but if I did, this author thing would be holding its own. Working up to that, right?

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The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "Our Dada says congratulations on your good showing!"
Chaplin: "We hope the next one is just as good!"

Ann said...

congrats on a successful day. This is a good time of year. Everyone is buying for Christmas and books are always a good gift.

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