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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Two Old Favorites

Today was non-stop full. But the best thing to share with you is cookies. They aren't all frosted because I ran out of powdered sugar, but I finished some of each kind. Have to take some to an event, so necessity is what prompted a baking flurry. We certainly don't need the calories here (although we will eat a lot of them to be sure). However, this will be the extent of my Christmas cookie baking, I'm pretty certain.

Christmas cookies

These are two of my old standby recipes that we all like. That said, I guess I've never put a picture of the wreath ones on the blog. The chocolate ones get made often, and you've seen them before, but not decorated with peppermint chunks.

So the good news is I'm done for today. The bad news is I have to get more sugar and finish the rest.

In other news: I wrote a chapter AND A HALF, did some volunteer tasks, did errands, went grocery shopping, and made these two kinds of cookies.

See Cookies and Cream
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1 comment:

Ann said...

I'll take one of each :) Are the wreaths done with a cookie cutter?

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