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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Puzzle On the Fast Track

I finished the butterfly jigsaw puzzle today. This is definitely the fastest I've ever completed a 1000-piece puzzle. About 45 hours from when I started to finish. (Not continuous puzzling, of course)

butterfly jigsaw puzzle

Here are the last 330 pieces (roughly) going in. Click to see the animation.

I counted 32 butterflies of recognizable species, and 17 little purple ones that could be anything. Lots of flowers, birds, animals. And just for fun, some of the pieces were interesting shapes. Like an umbrella.

jigsaw puzzle piece shaped like an umbrella

Or a swan.

jigsaw puzzle piece shaped like a swan

And other things. But you get the idea.

This puzzle was a lot of fun. But I have to say that it is probably the easiest 1000-piece puzzle I've done, since I got it done so quickly, and I wasn't working on it more than I usually would if I declared it a puzzle day or two.

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Ann said...

That is a very unique puzzle and pretty too

Lin said...

I love a puzzle. Winter is such a great time to keep one going on the table.