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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Yellow Memories

Not enough snow left today to be pretty. How about some yellow beauties that never got on the blog for one reason or another?

Blue and yellow are my favorite colors. Some days it's blue, some days yellow. Yellow seems good today.

One yellow maple leaf (Norway maple) conquering the early snow.

yellow maple leaf on snow

A field of goldenrod with some Joe-pye weed mixed in from September.

goldenrod and Joe-pye weed

Coreopsis and a little worm!


Some member of the Oenothera family- evening primrose, but this is a garden one, probably under the common name of "sundrop" because it's not necessarily an evening bloomer. Taken in June at the Cherry Point labyrinth garden.


Day lilies, always a favorite of mine.

yellow and maroon day lilies

Birdfoot trefoil, a common and alien roadside bloomer. I love its clear yellow color even though it's alien.

birdfoot trefoil

And finally, I'll come back (from two years ago) to the green striped aspen leaves. I found out what causes this. I was seeing it way too often to be a fluke. There is a tiny moth caterpillar that burrows into the leaf tissue near the midvein, and excretes a chemical that keeps the leaf cells in that one section alive so the caterpillar can have something to eat. In the spring a little gray and happy moth will emerge.

green striped aspen leaves

Have a happy sunny yellow day!

In other news: I participated in a l-o-n-g meeting, and wrote part of a chapter. Needed to do more, but it didn't happen. Sigh.

See Yellow Rose of Michigan
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Ann Thompson said...

Since we are currently covered with snow, the yellow is a welcome site

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "These are very pretty plants and flowers. Our favorite thing is the little moth caterpillar, though."
Chaplin: "Yes, we love moths."
Charlee: "We could stare at them for hours!"

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