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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Crazy, All-Over-the-Map

Marie and I are back at her house, but she's gone to a meeting. At least I get to wind down a little. This whole escapade began with a medical emergency for Marie's friend, Selma, who is 90 and very independent. However, she has macular degeneration and she developed a bad infection in her good eye. The first consequence was to find a local doctor who would see her immediately. He gave her medications, but she had to go the very next day to her own doctors in New Jersey. So we set off yesterday morning on a trip south.

The doctor's appointment was long. I got to sit and read and stay up to date on the weather, but Marie had to go in and deal with all the medical responsibilities for an older person. By the time they were done, the earlier snow was changing to ice. Selma's daughter lives only about a half hour away, so we bailed out and went there. We didn't have overnight stuff with us, but we are campers. We know how to make do!

The ice did develop as we sure could see this morning.

ice on trees

It was beautiful, but the temperatures were rising, and by the time Marie and I left the roads were wet but clear.

ice on trees

One of the perks of staying at Ann's house was to play with four dachshunds. I only got picture of two of them. This is Hamilton (back) and Oliver the puppy.


Selma stayed there, because the doctor wants to see her every day. This is really pretty serious. If they can't get it cleared up she's going to lose the little sight she has left. Ann will take over for now.

So Marie and I drove back to NY through the lovely mountains.

Catskill mountains

Then we had to go to Selma's house anyway to get her regular medicines and overnight them down to Ann. Selma lives near the Ashokan Reservoir, surrounded by the mountains I showed you two days ago.

Ashokan Reservoir

Then we ate, did shopping, and came home. Marie had a meeting and I did laundry. Crazy.

I'm hoping Selma will be well before we leave so I can take her picture with us. Right now, with a red, swollen eye, I know she wouldn't want me to share.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

You've had quite the busy couple of days. Good idea staying at Ann's rather than drive back to NY with that ice. Better to be safe than sorry. Hope all goes well with Selma.