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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Aurora Free Library and Reconnecting

We had a lot of adventures today, but I'll show you pictures of the evening program, and later the neat places Elaine and I went during the day.

So, this program would not have happened if it hadn't been for Sharon, a friend from a long time ago. We were several grades apart in school, so really weren't friends there. However we went to the same church and connected more through youth group. Anyway, when I was trying to line up programs in New York, she told me she spent her career at the Aurora Free Library, and thought she could get me a program. She did!

It was great to see her again. We also have one more connection. If you remember the story about my mother's birthday, at Passing On a Birthday, the little girl in that story is Sharon's niece.

It's also appropriate that a picture of us would be surrounded by books.


The library building is full of character!

Aurora Free Library

The librarian said, "We thought we'd do your program up in the Opera House."

"Wow!" So up we went.


She wasn't kidding. There's a beautiful little auditorium on the second floor.

Aurora Opera House

With a really interesting proscenium arch.

Aurora Opera House

I guess I make funny faces when I talk, but that's OK, because I hope some of the stories I tell are funny.

Aurora Opera House

And, at the end, I sold books. Hooray!

selling books

A pretty long day, all in all, but a good one.

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Ann said...

Wow, that's an impressive looking library. Selling books is a great way to end it.

vanilla said...

Nice venue. I need to consider that a funny face might enhance a funny story. Perhaps I've a good start on that.

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