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Friday, February 1, 2019

Seneca Park Zoo - Other

I've changed locations, and it's all great. More on that tomorrow. But I want to do one more zoo day, because I can't leave out my little scaly and slimy friends. These were all in the Africa House.

The is a round-nosed plated lizard. A lady who comes to the zoo often said it's the first time she's seen it come out in a year, so I feel pretty special to have gotten its picture.

round-nosed plated lizard

In the same terrarium were the pancake tortoises. I actually didn't notice until I looked at the picture on the computer that there are two of them!

pancake tortoises

Finally, a frog. No label or sign. Don't know if it's something special, poisonous, or ordinary.

African frog

Tomorrow I'll switch to telling you about where I am now. Final picture for today is Irene and me. It's a horrid selfie, and I don't even think this looks like Irene. But it's "real."


See Seneca Park Zoo - Birds
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1 comment:

Ann said...

I think it's a nice selfie on you and Irene. Like you said, it's real.
Looks like the tortoise was a bit shy