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Monday, February 4, 2019

The Monday Night Knitting Club

Ruth goes to a knitting club on Monday nights. I had brought some knitting with me, and we've been stitching together a little bit most days. So I went along tonight. There were some really nice projects in progress or completed.

This is a sweater Ruth is working on. Lace pattern, small needles, nice work.

knitted sweater

The group leader had just finished this Aran afghan. Also done very nicely.

knitted afghan

Another woman was making a prayer shawl, and even though the pattern was simple, I thought it looked very pretty.

knitted prayer shawl

One lady does really professional quality work. This is a shawl. Unusual stitch and expensive yarn, coupled with a good knitter and you get beautiful items.

knitted shawl

What was I working on? You've seen it before, but not for a while. There is hope Michelle will get her socks in the near future. Click the link below if you don't remember

See Where's that Other Sock?
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1 comment:

Ann said...

I could never get the hang of kitting. I suppose if I had tried harder I might have. There are some nice projects there.