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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Waterfalls and Walks

Today we went to visit two local waterfalls. The first is one I've been to a number of times in my life, but not recently. This is Chittenango Falls. The trails where you can get the best pictures are closed for the winter, but at least you can see a sort of overall view in this shot from the road.

Chittenango Falls

We were able to go to the top of it. Here's a picture of Mary taking a picture.

Chittenango Falls

And here's the water going over the top.

Chittenango Falls

We drove around some with Bill and Mary showing me bits of places where the North Country Trail is the same and different from when I walked through there. You know I love the hills. Today the tops were covered in mist.

New York hills

Then, I had a real treat. This is Delphi Falls, which has only recently been made public. This was in someone's private back yard forever until a few months ago!

Delphi Falls

When we got back to the house, Mary and I walked around her property a little because the walks to the falls were very short. Nothing spectacular, but it was good to get a bit more exercise and it wasn't icy here like it was walking to the falls.

winter woods

I just liked this stump.

tree stump in the shape of a star

I've been doing some research for the next chapter. No more words on "paper" yet. And this evening I've been helping Mary test a science experiment she is planning to do with kids for an outdoor educational day. Fun!

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Ann said...

The waterfalls are great. I can't imagine having one in my back yard. What a treat.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "Wow, our Dada says you are really making the tour of his old stomping grounds on this trip."
Chaplin: "I can't really picture Dada 'stomping' though."
Charlee: "I think it's a figure of speech."
Chaplin: "Oh, okay."
Charlee: "Anyway he seems to be enjoying having a vicarious visit to New York with you. Have fun hiking and good luck with your book sales!"