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Monday, February 18, 2019

Lower Enfield Glen

These pictures are from several days ago while I was still in Ithaca. Today was calm and great, but not a huge picture-taking day, so I'll share more of these.

Lower Enfield Falls is the largest falls on the creek (not the tallest, but we couldn't get there in winter). You can see the Lower Falls in the distance.

Lower Enfield Falls

Here's Elaine, with the falls in the background.

Lower Enfield Falls

I just liked the contrast of the falling water with the layers of snow-covered rock.

Lower Enfield Falls

Here's a view of the top of the cliff wall to the right of the falls.

Lower Enfield Falls

Snowy branches looking sculpture-ish.

snow covered branches

And for some reason, I think the red guard rail with icicles against the free-flowing water is appealing.

Lower Enfield Falls

I got back to writing today. Managed about 1000 words on Chapter 12. Marie and I walked at the mall, got some groceries, did a puzzle, chilled. Nice day. I needed some calm.

You may see more ice and water pictures another day.

See Upper Enfield Glen
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Ann said...

Looks very cold there but it sure is a pretty area

Adventurer Elaine said...

The wind made it cold to hang out here as beautiful as it was. They had staff at the office - that was nice.

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