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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Upper Enfield Glen

I'm taking you back to a few days ago with some pictures of Upper Enfield Glen in New York. The trails to the most spectacular of the waterfalls is closed for the winter, but this falls is visible from the parking area. They consider it so ho-hum, it doesn't even have a name.

waterfall at Upper Enfield Glen

I liked how the snow and moss and ferns were clinging to the rock walls.

snow and rocks at Upper Enfield Glen

This also unnamed falls is on a tributary, Fish Kill Creek. That funny "hood" is an ice cover that formed when the temps were so low and then partially washed away leaving a bridge.

waterfall at Upper Enfield Glen

There was a hamlet here, formed around a mill. When I was a kid, the mill wheel was still in place. It's now been removed but most of the gears are still there and visible.

mill gears at Upper Enfield Glen

And this mill stone is a study in shapes and tones.

mill stone at Upper Enfield Glen

Let's not talk about today's author event. See you tomorrow. I'll be on the move again. Back with Marie.

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Ann Thompson said...

For how hum that's an awful pretty spot. Love the picture odpf the mill stone too

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "Dada says that when he and Mama lived in New York they used to visit a double waterfall in the Boonville Gorge that didn't have a name, either."
Chaplin: "Maybe we could call them Fred and Barney."