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Friday, May 24, 2019

Beauty Surrounds Me

Spring is in full-tilt loveliness here, so I want to share. You've seen all these before, but not this year, so I hope you enjoy them again.

The is cowslip primrose, and it continues to do well in my un-kept garden.

cowslip primrose

The crabapple tree is wonderful, as it almost always is.

crabapple blossoms

Lots of common purple violets, but just because they are ordinary doesn't mean they aren't beautiful.

purple violets

I think my lilacs are going to look really nice this year. I'll take any blooming things I can get!


And finally, the pear trees are looking great. The sour cherry trees also had great blossoms. Now if we don't get a late hard frost, this might be a good fruit year.

pear tree

In other news: I wrote all morning, and then worked on my newspaper column in the afternoon. It's due on Monday. Seems like these months between deadlines get shorter and shorter! Also went shopping. Wow- Meijer was packed. I guess everyone local decided to shop before the weekend really began. I ran into 4 separate people I know that I hadn't seen in a long time. That was fun. But then a lady cut ahead of me in the checkout line. Instead of being gracious, I fussed at her, which didn't make her give me my place back, or make me feel better either. Wonder why I decided to be snippy today... I don't usually bother--it's such a small thing, and I wasn't even pressed for time. I also got ready for the weekend- I begin the summer vendor events tomorrow morning. Here we go. I think I'll need to hang on for the ride, but I've decided I've got to go all in to sell books.

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Ann said...

I never get tired of seeing pretty things. I would love to have a lilac bush. I've planted a few over the years and they've all died. I love the smell of them.

Secondary Roads said...

I love violets. Their beauty coupled with simplicity and humility make them special.

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