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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

One Cute Reason I Gave Up Gardening

Look who owns the back yard. S/he was enjoying dinner. I was thinking I'll need to cut the grass soon.

woodchuck eating greens

She saw me and ran for her burrow (back by the house foundation... darn... that's not so good). Look at the cute little hand.


How's this for a "What do you want? This is my space" look?


In other news: worked on taking notes from the journal recording in the morning, and then kept banging away on my worklist all afternoon. Doesn't look like I did anything, but I keep trying.

There's going to be a fun activity coming up this weekend. Stay tuned.

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Lin said...

It's cute...but I hope it's house is somewhere out in the open and not a problem at the house. I'm like you...I like our wild friends as long as they are not a menace. I think I am the only person who gets excited when I see the opossum at night.

Ann said...

Yep, I agree with Lin, I like any of the little wild creatures as long as they aren't a menace.
I had one living under my shed for a while. It would come out in the evenings and hang out in the back yard by the bird feeders.

Mike said...

Cute friend you have

Secondary Roads said...

They are cute, but I'm plagued by the pests. They love to burrow around my barn and ruin the paved floor.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Ooh that looks like something I could chase out of the yard!"
Charlee: "Dada says that he feels bad for the bunnies that don't come into our yard now that you are here, Lulu."
Chaplin: "He feels bad?! Now I don't have any bunnies or squirrels to stare at anymore. So unfair."
Charlee: "At least you still have the birds."
Chaplin: "Sure. For now."

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