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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Trail Food, Not Trail Food

Today was devoted to getting Annie ready to roll out again. Actually, I'm going with her for a day, and Sue (as in the Sue I've often hiked with) is spotting us in just a couple of hours. So I need to do this blog post early. Expect lots of pictures tomorrow.

Here, Annie sorts her food for her next section of the trail.

hiker sorting backpacking food

Then we went and had not trail food. Had to take her to House of Flavors in Ludington for ice cream. Of course we drove through the beach for a look at Lake Michigan. Following that, there was shopping for things she needs.

eating ice cream

The weather is still not very warm, but the trees are looking lovely in their spring colors. I never get tired of this view from my deck.

trees in spring colors

I'll hike with her all day but am coming home when we get to my car. This was great fun, but I have a huge pile of things to do on Tuesday as a result, so I decided I couldn't go for two days. We've been having a blast comparing gear and talking about food philosophy. We are very similar in our obsession with good planning, which is perfect for the North Country Trail because it's not an easy trail to find resupply and places where you can even get to a post office without too much agony.

Great day. This is all the news.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

Looks and sounds like you're having a good time

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