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Monday, May 20, 2019

Sunbonnet Sue

I have mentioned from time to time that my grandmother, Emily M. Rowe, made a large number of quilts. Some day I'll tell you more of the story, but today I'm going to show you one that isn't really a quilt, it's a comforter.

This is the Sunbonnet Sue pattern, and this was the quilt that was on my bed until I went to college. Granny embroidered the blocks and checkerboarded it with the "Indian" print.

Sunbonnet Sue quilt

This week I came across two more of the quilts she made that I still have. That leaves one more that I know of that I haven't located yet. I'm trying to get them in one place, and then I'll decide what to do with them. I put this on my bed, contemplating using it for a while. But the fabric is too fragile. It's ripped in quite a few places. I'll wrap it up again. I'm not ready to get rid of this one yet.

Sunbonnet Sue quilt

Today was calm and productive. I wrote, I worked on sorting pictures from the hike I'm writing about. I did some other stuff around the house. I'm not sure I've spoken a word all day. Perfect.

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Ann Thompson said...

What a nice treasure. I remember when sunbonnet sue was big

Lin said...

That's a treasure! I'm glad it is still holding together for you to enjoy.

I remember a Sunbunnet Sue quilt that I saw--each square was "doing in" the old gal. I guess you either love Sue or don't. Apparently that quilter didn't like her!

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