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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

More from Yesterday's Hike

All of yesterday's fun was made possible because Sue was willing to spot my car so I could hike with Annie. And I got a puppy fix as well. Sophie and Anabelle are always ready for a trip to the woods.

woman holding two small dogs

We saw so many fun things. I may have to use another blog day to show them all. Here are a couple of wildflowers. This is Virginia Spring Beauty. The flowers are just like the Carolina species, but the leaves on this one are much narrower.

Virginia Spring Beauty

The wood anemone is always dainty and lovely.

wood anemone

The first toad I've seen this year was a really big one!

American toad

And, did anyone recognize the picture of Annie standing in front of McCarthy Lake? That was our destination, one of the really nice places on the trail when it's not overrun with people.

McCarthy Lake

Too busy of a day. I worked on trails at Shagway for more than four hours, then went to bell choir practice, writers' group, and then one other stop to pick something up after that. Long day. I did not finish the trails, so I'll be going back out to Shagway tomorrow. The really good news is that my body is still a little weary from yesterday, but the trail work took out all the stiffness.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

You got a lot accomplished in one day. Sophie and Anabelle are so cute.

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