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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Spring for a Day - I'll Take It

Today was wonderful! Birds, sun, light breeze, flowers. It's leaving again tomorrow, but at least we got to enjoy it for a day.

The white birch is loaded with catkins swaying. Dark pine and blue sky behind it.

white birch tree with catkins

The daffodils are at their finest. I really am not going to do anything with flower beds any more, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the things that come up without any extra attention, right? Here is Mt. Hood- a gift from Marie. It opens with a pale yellow trumpet that changes to pure white.

Mt Hood daffodil

And the multi-color ones that I don't know the actual variety, with a buttercup behind it.

multi-color daffodil

I think this variety is 'Minnow.' It's a miniature, one of the remnants of my rock garden. I do miss my rock garden, but it was SO much work.

Minnow daffodil

Ester gave me some of this corydalis last year. She had so much that she wanted some of it to go away.

purple corydalis

One of my favorite daffodils. I bought these long ago, and they don't self-propagate prolifically, but neither have they died. It's called 'Duke of Windsor.' Plain yellow dafs behind it.

Duke of Windsor daffodil

And, these are some unknown variety of Sempervivum, Hens and Chicks. They stay maroon all season long, but the color is best in spring.

maroon sempervivum

It's tempting to play in the gardens, but I AM GOING to focus on the things I can actually make happen. I can't compete with the deer, rabbits, squirrels, moles and rotten soil.

In other news: I wrote all morning (making notes), did laundry, did some small things on the trailer and researched a couple things I need, took a short walk, and went to bell choir practice. Then on the way home, I did grocery shopping. I guess it was a full day. No wonder I'm a little tired.

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Ratty said...

This is my favorite time of year. Even the cold days. It's good to see some spring flowers. I saw my first wildflower of the year the other day, but the dog destroyed it before I got a picture.

Ann said...

The flowers that come up with no extra attention are my favorite kind. I am not a gardener so that's pretty much all I get.

Secondary Roads said...

Beautiful blossoms. A joy to behold.

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