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Friday, May 10, 2019

Yellow and Blue, Trite but Lovely

It was nippy cold today, but the sun came out and I walked to the Post Office and the library. The dandelions think spring has arrived.


There's something about the leafing trees against a blue and white sky that makes my heart sing. I don't care how many times I see views like this. I always smile.

tree with new leaves against a blue sky

Even the streets of Scottville are lovely with the various colors of new leaves.

city street with springtime trees

In other news: I worked on North Country Quest in the morning, then took the walk mentioned above, and then worked on more projects I have promised people. Made some progress, but very few things crossed off the list.

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Ann said...

I'm with you, leafing trees and blue sky make me happy

Ratty said...

I come here for a reminder whenever I begin to forget how great nature is and begin shutting myself off.

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