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Monday, May 6, 2019

Birds to Welcome Me Home

There was a bird singing a glorious song when we pulled in the driveway yesterday. I thought I knew what it was and finally got the camera to focus on it. It's the brown thrasher. One of my favorites, and there is a nest near our house nearly every year. Brings me joy.

brown thrasher singing

I really like this angle. Doesn't it just look happy?

brown thrasher singing

A little later, farther away, in the top of a tree I saw a bird that didn't look like a robin. Zoomed in, and it's a cowbird.


We came home in wonderful sunshine with a light breeze- t-shirt weather. Today it's been chilly and drizzling again. Well, it's good for the fruit farmers to not have the weather warm too early. Please notice that there is a hint of baby leaves to come soon.

Marie had to leave for home today. We spent some time working on plans for our adventure we hope to take in September. It's always hard to say goodbye, but having a plan for the next time together makes it better. I also listened to all the journal from the next hike to be covered in North Country Quest (four hours of it!), and put a few more things away from this weekend. Did a little research on trailer materials.

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Ann said...

What a nice welcome home.

Lin said...

I love the birds this time of year. I had a pair of orioles and a pair of red-breasted gross beaks this week! I am so excited!

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