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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Dining Room and Trailer Tetris

  I've learned there is a better name for what my house is like. I've described it as one of those flat puzzles with 16 squares and 15 pieces that slide around, so you can only move one piece at a time, one square at a time. You are supposed to rearrange the pieces to form a picture or put numbers in order. But a friend, I don't know if she made this up or heard it somewhere else, described playing garage Tetris. Aha! The only video game I was ever really, really good at was Tetris! And that name explains perfectly what I have to do every time I want to clean some space.

I forgot to take a truly "before" picture, but here's the dining room a bit after I started today. As you can deduce, no dining has occurred in this room in recent memory. messy dining room

Well, what can I say? I've been rebuilding my little trailer and have no storage space to keep things. I have not been cooking or serving meals. Priorites, right?

So, today's goal was to get the things out of the trailer that can't spend the winter out there. Last year, fabric items didn't do well even though the trailer was covered. Mold occurred. However, I think I put things away already damp because I didn't know how bad the leaks were and there was still water inside from my trip home from Minnesota. But I don't want to take any chances this year. I left the curtains that can be easily washed, just as a test. But I had to do a lot of shuffling to take things to the trailer that can freeze and won't mold.

It's really very annoying to me to have to take things out of the trailer that have a perfectly good home for 4 or 5 months. But I don't want them ruined, so...

I could put a lot more things inside, but I haven't thought of anything else yet that can freeze, and that I don't need to access till spring. I'll be putting the cover over the trailer soon. Maybe tomorrow. items stored inside a travel trailer

Four hours later, here is the newly Tetrised dining room. Still no room for dining, but it looks better. The aisle is wider. If the aisle is wider, that means I'm not a hoarder, right? (Say yes) items stacked in dining room

In other news: I wrote Chapter 18 in Dead Mule Swamp Singer and worked on editing jobs. Well, there is that other project. Don't hold your breath. I'm working at least 30 minutes a day at it, but... (hint- if you can tell in this small of a picture, and know where to look, you might be able to guess. It's like "where's Waldo?")

See a previous attempt to clean the dining room


Ann said...

I don't have the stuff under and around my dining room table but the top of mine looks a lot like your picture. For some reason things have just been collecting there instead of me putting them away where they belong.

Lin said...

We have a small house, so I'm not a saver. No basement, thank goodness! All that stuff would make me nervous! But...people come here and say that they are uncomfortable too. So, I guess we can't win, right?! We just have to be ourselves.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- too true, but a lot of that has no home to go to.

Lin- I just can't seem to win the battle with stuff. I take 7 boxes to Goodwill or a church rummage sale, and you can't even tell anything is gone.