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Sunday, December 6, 2020

When the World is Brown and Gray

  I have to struggle extra hard to find photo-worthy moments when everything is brown and gray. But I did go to the North Country Trail and do a longer hike. This is a section I visit very often- the closest the trail comes to my house- where it crosses US 10. The trailhead is called Timber Creek. North Country Trail

There was a whole miniature world on this stump. stump terrarium

The red pine plantations are always playing tricks with the light. This dead red oak tree in front of the pines is quite a contrast in textures.
red pine plantation with dead tree

I have run into Kurt and Connie more often than anyone else on the trail. Here we were again- out doing the same section. Lola joined them today. hiking friends with a dog

This is some dried-up fungus. I have no idea what. I expected it to be powdery when I touched it, but it was hard crumbles! dried up white fungus

For contrast, patches of green moss glowed. I liked the little rounded humps. green moss

How about some holes in a tree. A litte artistic. holes in a tree trunk

And finally. this odd picture that looks like I photoshopped it. However, it's just a place where there are white pine above the trail and red pine on the downslope. It's amazing how the red pine trunks change the light. Positioning myself so that skinny tree with the blaze is right on the divider really makes it look like two photos stuck together. red pine and white pine forest

I hiked 10 miles today. Longest walk in a while. Finished just before dark!

North Country Trail miles for 2020 is at 253

In other news: I wrote 720 words in Dead Mule Swamp Singer and wrestled a large chair that was in the way into our one good storage building.

North Country Trail, Lake County, MI, from Timber Creek at US 10 north, 5 miles and back

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Ann said...

I liked all the photos and the interesting things you found while out hiking. That last one though is really impressive. It does look like two pictures merged together. Very cool

Lin said...

10 miles?! WOW! Good for you. It's been hard for me to get out with the temps in the 30's. I did 2 miles at lunch, so I guess it's better than nothing. I miss the warmer temps!

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- I agree, that photo is bizarre

Lin- I have nice warm pants I bought, and I really feel good walking in the 30s