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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Back to Ludington State Park

  Because of the pictures I posted the last time I did this loop, some friends from Baldwin wanted to come do it with me. We made that happen today. I guess my brain was more focused on interesting details than the trail itself. You'll have to go to the link below to see that. We took the Ridge Trail out and returned via the Island Trail.

This is a picture looking south down Hamlin Lake. That band of orange-pink at the horizon is very strange. It looks like late afternoon and west, but this was closer to noon and south. We couldn't figure it out. But it's certainly a wintery landscape! winter sun on a lake

We heard a lot of noise while we were still up on the ridge above Hamlin Lake. It sounded like maybe geese, or small dogs barking. It was a whole flock of trumpeter swans! They were pretty far out on the water, but I got one fairly good picture. trumpeter swans

I just liked this interesting pattern that had frozen into the ice of one of the little backwater ponds. The spikiness of the tree and the curves of the ice pattern are a nice contrast. dead tree with pattern in ice

I thought this was a great joke. This little tree had such blemishes and blobs on its trunk it was a perfect pattern for camouflage wear. I thought, "We need someone with gray camo on to compare." I turned around, and... Reva was wearing just such a coat. A little more snow, and she'd would disappear. gray camo by a gray tree trunk

For a different kind of camouflage, this is white birch bark. But look at all the gray, brown, orange, peach colors! white birch bark

I HAD to stop along the road for a picture of big blue- Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan

Our hiking crew? Sue, Kathy, Reva, and me. Of course, Sophie and Anabelle the pups were there too. hikers

Sophie does seem to really like me. It's mutual! hiker holding a dog

We hiked about 6.5 miles.

In other news: Not much else happened. I got groceries on the way home, and did a couple other errands.

Ludington State Park: Ridge and Island Trails, and the bike path to complete the loop to the cars. About 6.5 miles

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Ann said...

Sounds like a great day. Love that picture of Lake Michigan

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- the big lake is amazing- always different