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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

One Day, Two Hikes

  I had planned to walk with Cathy this afternoon, but then an informal group decided to hike at Big M ski area in the morning. Well, why not?

We hiked the highest, hilliest trail at Big M. This is the view north from Capper's Peak. view from Capper's Peak Big M

Let me pull that in for you a bit. I didn't look up what we are seeing, but my guess is the hills on the north side of the Manistee River. view from Capper's Peak Big M

Big M is an area within the Manistee National Forest, within the Udell Hills. The North Country Trail passes through it, but that's not what we were on. There are miles of cross-country ski trails. Of course these can be hiked when there is no snow. It used to also have a downhill run, and this is the foundation from the ski lift. Those hikers are looking south, so you can tell that Capper's Peak really is a high point. Big M

Oddly enough, there was an old travel trailer that had been dragged out into the woods. Loren reported it, because it's certainly not supposed to be there. old camper in woods

We did the Catamont Loop, plus spurs at each end to get from and to the parking lot. Catamont Trail sign

There were eight of us, and Loren's two dogs, who hiked. It's easy to spread out on a trail, and being outside is pretty safe anyway. hikers

Then I came home, got some lunch, and met Cathy to hike at Ludington State Park, the back trail out to Hamlin Dam. I didn't take many pictures, but this is a little pond that is on the inland side of one of the dunes. Technically, an interdunal wetland. pond with sand dunes

And our turn-around point- this familiar view of the back side of Hamlin Dam. Hamlin Dam

I've decided that I really like hiking when the temperature is in the 30s. If you hike right along it's easy to stay warm enough.

The really bad news is that someone in bell choir has tested positive for the virus. So my phone kept dinging with texts to tell us all that practice was cancelled. In fact... all the Christmas bell choir stuff may be cancelled. We'll have to wait and see. There is no other news except that I picked up some groceries on the way home.

My mileage for the day was a total of 8 miles- 5 at Big M, and 3 at the State Park.

Big M Ski Area, Manistee National Forest, Michigan. Catamont Loop plus spur from parking, and Double Bit and Lumberjack Trails to return to parking. Ludington State Park, Piney Ridge Road to Hamlin Dam and back

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Ann said...

How nice to get out not once but twice.
Too bad about bell choir. Hope the person who tested positive will be ok

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- We are all hoping and praying! She is a really important person to the music community here in the county. Of course, it is bad to lose anyone, but she would be missed by hundreds. (not the choir director)