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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Christmas Comes to Our House

  Last year, we did Christmas at Thanksgiving because Steve was able to come home. This year, he's not coming. We will do Christmas at Christmas. But the tree arrived in the house on Dec 8. They are totally easy to set up since Omer has decided they don't have to be huge to be enjoyable.
bundled Christmas tree

We had no trouble setting it up by ourselves, and then we cut off the mesh wrapping. bundled Christmas tree

He lets it sit a couple of days so it can open out, then puts on the lights. Om is great at getting the lights to look nice.
Christmas tree with lights

I actually like to get a picture out of focus which makes the colors "bloom."
Christmas tree with lights out of focus

Finally, the ornaments go on. Just a fraction of the ones we own. A few packages. We've mostly been giving gift certificates. Not very "romantic," but there it is.
Christmas tree with lights

Josh will join us for the day, and we will have a bit of a nice holiday meal. That's all, folks. And this is plenty of hoopla for me.

In other news: Today somehow flew by. I did some editing, had a zoom meeting with friends, went for a 3-mile walk. That seems to be all. Doesn't seem like much, but there it is.

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Ann said...

The tree is beautiful. Om does a wonderful job. I always hated putting the lights on. As much as I love a real tree, the pre-lit fake one works best for me.

Lin said...

It's beautiful! Om did such a great job setting it up. We have a smaller tree this year too. I think the tree farms were struggling with covid so there wasn't much of a selection. That's okay...an 8 foot tree is just as lovely as a 10 or 12 foot one.

Enjoyed the call yesterday!

Secondary Roads said...

Om did a great job with the lights. Looks very nice. Our tree is about a foot tall and is ceramic. It has lights too.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Ann, Lin, and Chuck- We are all downsizing! Yes, Om really has a knack with the lights. And I'm such a grinch, I love it that he does this so well.