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Sunday, March 21, 2021

God of Grace and God of Glory

  Today was about as perfect as a day can get. Only way it could have been improved would be if my best friend had been able to be with me. It began with music.

This is a fun arrangement of God of Grace and God of Glory. Interestingly, some of us in the bass clef could not hear the melody at all during practice. But you can hear it just fine on the recording. That's a win!

It hit 60+ degrees with sun this afternoon, and I simply could not stay inside glued to a computer. So you'll see more about my beautiful hike tomorrow.

And then I drove home by back roads. Another favorite thing.

OK, now I have to settle in for the rest of the evening and actually do a couple of things. Ha! Life is EXTRA good today.

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Ann said...

Enjoyed the video.
It hit the 60s here yesterday too. It was wonderful

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- I am SO happy with warm air on my skin!

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