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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Robin in the Snow

  Today was the first day I've seen a robin at my latitude. However, it was not a spring-like day. There were strong winds blowing stinging, sleety snow sideways. Nevertheless, I bundled up and took a little 3-mile walk just to get the kinks out. robin

I guess today was a day of rest. I listened to my playlist of Palm Sunday music, watched a movie, and read part of a book. Back "in the saddle" tomorrow.

See Robins in Progress


Ann said...

It's always great to see the robins returning.

Lin said...

We've had robins for a week or so, but it is the Red-wing blackbirds that are announcing that Spring is here! Boy, are they LOUD!

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "Bird."
Chaplin: "Bird."
Charlee: "Bird bird bird bird bird."
Lulu: "You know, I caught a bird once and ate it."
Charlee: "What???"
Chaplin: "No way!"
Lulu: "Way."
Charlee: "You're living the dream, Lulu!"

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