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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Handmade Crosses for Lent

  When we played handbells last month, I showed you a picture of some of the handmade crosses on display on the altar at the Methodist Church. But, I didn't take closeups, and I wish I had. handmade crosses

At practice the next week, I did get some better pictures, although not all the crosses are the same as the previous week. Here is a clay one in natural colors. clay cross with raised design

The theme of the week was "inclusion." One fabric cross and another clay one, this time very colorful. decorative crosses

Finally, we have clay with wire decoration, and wood. decorative crosses

With the services being virtual, people are not able to see these up close which is a shame. I'm always happy to see hand-crafted artistic items displayed as part of worship. We each bring the gifts we have, but visual arts are so often neglected by the church. Enjoy!

In other news: Since I pretty much took a day of rest yesterday, I really wanted today to be productive, and it was. However, the list of projects just stretches into infinity. Did two more sell sheets, did paperwork, organized files, did laundry, and took a 3-mile road walk. Just a couple more things I really have to do yet tonight.

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Ann said...

These are all fantastic. Each one is creative and artistic

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- yes they are! I wish I knew the story of who made them- I'm guessing some group project, but I don't know.

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