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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Pere Marquette- New Perspectives

  Went out for a hike on the NCT, a familiar section (they all are, near me), but a nice one. Did 5 trail miles and a little bit of exploring.

I wandered around a bit off the trail and got a few new perspectives of the Pere Marquette River. This is one I've never seen before. I climbed the bluff on the north side of the river to get to the power line ROW, and this is looking down at the water. Pere Marquette River

Well, OK, this view is not so new. This is looking upstream from right on the trail, but at least we are trying to ease into a different season. I liked that there was some color with the pine tree and blue sky. Pere Marquette River

Last time I walked this (link below), I showed you the snow covered hill with steps that looked more like a ziggarat. This time, I made sure you could see a sliver of the river on the left of the hill. It's at the very edge, outside of the white cedars. Pere Marquette River

At the top of that hill, a little farther on, is a place that would make an absolutely lovely campsite. However, it's too close to the trail to be legal. But I discovered that if you push back a little farther, you could get out of sight and still have this nice view looking down to the river. The stairs take you quickly up to this level from the place where I was down at the river elevation. Pere Marquette River

And what was the condition of the trail? As I was hoping, most of the ice and snow is gone. There were intermittent patches, but the walking was good for the most part. It was really windy, and although the temperature hit 48 degrees, I kept my jacket on. Comfortable. No complaints. North Country Trail

I poked around in another spot too, and found a really nice place to camp sometime. These are so close to home that I would only camp there just for fun. There would certainly be no need to do so.

NCT Hike 100 Challenge for 2021 is at 87 miles.

In other news: I worked on some marketing things all morning, and hiked in the afternoon. Oh yeah, did errands too.

North Country Trail, Lake County, MI, Wingleton Road to North end of Bowman Semi-Primitive Area and back. 5 miles total

See Timber Creek South

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