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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Walking Off the Grumpies

  I was a super-grump today. Fortunately for you, you did not have to deal with me. My solution, as always-- take a walk.

This is a mostly ephemeral wetland, and I liked the stark appearance. stark wetland scene

How long a walk? I wasn't sure what was needed. I started out to do 8 miles, but when I came to a corner where I could make a choice that affected the distance, I decided I was 10-miles grumpy.

Cows are always curious. I'm pretty sure these are Highland Cattle, the oldest registered breed! (So, I also learned something new.) They mooed and mooed long after I had passed. Highland Cattle

Best find? Here you go, but what is it? oriole nest

It's an oriole nest! I haven't found one of these in years, although the orioles come each spring. And this crazy bird forgot that it is supposed to be a secretive species. This nest is hanging right over the road, although I'm sure it was completely hidden when the leaves were out.

You can compare this nest with a vireo nest in the link below, the other bird that builds a hanging nest. However, the vireo's is small- the size of a tennis ball. This is much larger and hangs lower. oriole nest

So did the 10 miles do their work? Guess so. And I decided I was primarily grumpy because my yearly rhythms know that this is the time of year I should be in Philadelphia for the Flower Show, and seeing Marie, and David and his family. I haven't been actively thinking about missing all that, but I think it's the root issue. So now I can move on. smiley face

OK, I was also grumpy because I have to get busy on the tax prep, but now I've hunkered down on that. Also did a bunch of editing.

See a vireo nest
See orioles


Ann said...

There's nothing funny about feeling grumpy but I couldn't help laughing at you calling yourself a 10 mile grump.
That nest doesn't look very secure but I'm betting looks are deceiving.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Our Dada says maybe the cows were singing that old song."
Charlee: "What song is that?"
Lulu: "'Moooo are you? Moo moo? Moo moo?'"

The Furry Gnome said...

Nice Highland 'coos'!

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- glad I made you laugh- that makes me feel better, right there!

Lulu- they were certainly singing that song!

Stew- are they common where you are? These are the only ones I have seen around here, but I like them.

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