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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Hike 100 Challenge 2021 Complete!

  Finished my North Country Trail Hike 100 Challenge for 2021 today. Plus a couple extra miles. The big surprise was that we awoke to about 1.5 inches of snow. It didn't really make the hike more difficult, but it sure changed how things looked. I did most of this same piece 51 weeks ago (link below) and the trailing arbutus was in bud! We aren't that advanced with spring this year. I think maybe we are now past Fool's Spring, and into Second Winter. number 100 in snow with boot prints One of the things I really like about this section is a stretch of tall hemlock trees. They look fantastic trimmed in white. hemlock trees with snow The ephemeral wetland was drab and not too inviting, muddy pond but there was an interesting star pattern in the ice. I wonder if something fell on it to create a star crack which then refroze. star pattern in ice Every tiny creek was outlined in white- there are several in this secion, all unnamed, but pretty in snow. snow-edged creek Lots of evidence of little critters. The thin wet snow was great for taking tracks- squirrel squirrel tracks Opossum, even with a tail drag! opossum tracks Absolutely best find of the day-- can you find it? woodcock Let me help you a little bit. It's a woodcock! It's hiding behind the tree. Of course I tried to get a better picture with no luck. They are very shy. And it turned out there were two more of them. One was very close to me but I never saw it until it flew away. Then they all flew away. This is not my first sighting, although it's not a bird I've seen often. But it's my first picture. Even if it's crappy, I'm happy. (And there's your poem for the day.) woodcock

Hike 100 Challenge 2021 is complete with 102 miles!

North Country Trail, Lake County, MI, 56th St to 76th St and back. Total 12 miles

In other news: Yes, there is other news. I did a little paperwork before I hiked, and then had bell choir practice afterwards. Standing for another hour and a half after walking 12 miles, was not exactly my preferred position, but I did it.

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Ann said...

Way to go finishing the hike 100 challenge already.

Bruce Matthews said...

You never cease to inspire me, my friend. Thanks for the photos and story and observations!

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- I am obsessed this year

Bruce- thought you'd like hearing about 3 woodcocks

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