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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Trail Work- Easy Edition

  Marie and I got ourselves out on time to do some trail work that I had volunteered to do. hiker at NCT carsonite post

Since Vermont has been officially added to the North Country Trail, all the stickers on carsonite posts at road crossings and junctions have to be changed to the 8-state strip. 8 state NCT map

So we drove to a lot of road crossings and replaced the stickers. Marie doesn't live anywhere near the trail, so although she has done some volunteer things for the trail, this was her first time to actually work ON the trail. person putting sticker on carsonite post

There are some posts that have to be hiked to, so we also took a walk through Sterling Marsh. Also, I wanted her to see the boardwalks. sterling marsh

The open water of the Marsh was lovely- it's one of the really neat spots on the trail. Usually lots of birds, and in spring, frogs. However, the high temp of the day was 37 degrees! All the frogs were hunkered down in the mud. No singing! This might be the cold day of Marie's visit. Supposed to warm up a bit tomorrow. She didn't really bring winter clothes. sterling marsh

And the hepatica was not willing to open its flowers, but I finally did see some this year that was technically in bloom. hepatica

We also nailed up some connector trail symbols on a couple of road walks, and dug out two posts that needed to be removed. Total miles we walked was about 5.

North Country Trail miles for 2021 is at 208.

North Country Trail, Lake County, Michigan, Jenks Rd. Trailhead south through Sterling Marsh and back, and a few other short pieces to reach posts

In other news: That's about it- we had to find some of the items that were other pieces of the puzzle to have all the things with us that we needed.

See Ludington State Park with Cathy and Marie


Ann said...

37 is a bit cold to be out there with no winter clothes. Sounds like a big job fixing all those posts.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- it's really easy, but it is time-consuming.

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