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Monday, April 26, 2021

Dead Horse Marsh Dry

  Marie and I went for one more hike today. It may be the last of this visit. We'll see what happens tomorrow. friends

We did another six miles on the North Country Trail. This time we went through the Dead Mule Swamp section. Last year, you might recall, the water was very high- it was a pond. Pics of that in the link below. This year, it's more dry as normal. Plants will soon begin to sprout, however. Dead Horse Marsh

As I predicted, the jackpines along the boardwalk will mostly die, and that is fine. The nature of this area is to flood occasionally and preserve it as open. Birds and certain types of wildlife love areas like this. Dead Horse Marsh

We met a hiker grad student in Microbial Plant Physiology! We talked about some plant stuff and exchanged contact info. But the most interesting thing was that he was hiking with a kitten! He was approached by this very thin stray the first day he was out, and she has attached herself to him. She was a pretty black kitten with white whiskers and four white boots, about 6 months old. I forgot to ask him if it was all right to take a picture of them, so you have to settle for only the story. What fun!

Then we came home and chilled. (Although, in a literal sense we were already chilled. After enjoying the beginnings of spring, the morning was back to very cold. I even wore my winter pants!)

My North Country Trail miles for 2021 are at 232.

North Country Trail, Mason County, MI, Tyndall Road to Taylor Road and back- total 6 miles

See Dead Horse Marsh and More


OdinWallace said...

Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your posts.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Odin- you will be hiking through here before you know it!

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