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Sunday, April 11, 2021

10 More Newaygo County Miles

  Today, I hiked another 10.5 miles. 10.25 were on the North Country Trail, and 0.25 was a bushwhack to get from a road to where I finished hiking last Wednesday. I've recently hiked some of these miles with groups- links below if you like to compare seasons.

I started just south of the Centerline Road crossing. The other day I found several really large white pines. This time, there were big red oaks. Still alive- I could see buds on the tips of the upper branches. You can be assured that the pines were not there when this baby grew up. large red oak

I'll just take you along with me past the features of interest. West of Centerline, the trail passes Pearl Lake. Lots of swampy area around it, but you could get water with difficulty. I did not even notice it last November! Pearl Lake

But this is the hike I took with friends to see the new boardwalk across an extensive marsh. I ate my lunch on the deck in the middle of it today. boardwalk through a marsh

It's a lonely landscape- very wild and northern looking. I like the view back from the other end where you can frame it with some trees. marsh with white pines at edge

Spring is coming! I saw a few flowers today- will probably share those tomorrow. But the Shadbush is starting to bloom. That's a sure sign. Nice arrangement, Mother Nature! shadbush

And here we are at the White River again. However, I haven't actually shown you the bridge itself before. These are brought in on a big piece of equipment and just plopped in place- they are all one piece. Standard Forest Service issue, but very practical where equipment access is possible. foot bridge over White River

And here's the river itself. This may be the same view I shared in November. But I like it. White River

A little farther, and the trail parallels and then crosses Rattlesnake Creek. There are a lot of white cedar along there. Very pretty. white cedar

Just north of M-20 is Second Cole Creek. This is always shaded, and reminds me a lot of the unnamed creek close to home south of Upper Branch Bridge. Second Cole Creek

I passed quite a few of the large red oaks today.
large red oak

Got to the car sooner than I expected- that's because I apparently can't subtract. I thought the hike was going to be longer. Well, it was nice. The temperature was perfect- right around 60 degrees, I wasn't tired at all when I finished. Now I have to get this data processed.

North Country Trail miles so far in 2021 is at 189.

North Country Trail, Newaygo County, east of Centerline Road to 3 Mile Road, 10.25 miles

There isn't really any other news. A trail friend spotted me, so I didn't have to walk both directions. That was awesome!

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Ann said...

That's rather fascinating that the bridge is taken in all in one piece.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- what amazes me is how heavy the machine must be to counterbalance the force of that bridge extended out in front to lay it across a river. I have not yet seen one of these being put in place.

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