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Sunday, November 20, 2022

High on the Hog - Day 355

  The big goal of the day was Hogback Mountain. This is the most difficult hike in the immediate Marquette area.
hogback mountain Marquette

It was past sunrise when I started hiking down on the shore of Lake Superior, but the sun was still low enough to give Presque Isle Park a nice glow.
Presque Isle park

The angled sunight as snow fell off the trees made everything look misty.
sun through snow

There's my goal! It's really not that high, but can you tell there's a big valley to cross before I get there?
Hogback mountain Marquette

Not so high, but very rocky, and all the rocks were hidden under the snow. The main trail doesn't go right over the top. That was fine with me today since the last part is a steep scramble over bare rock. However, I did go all the way to the top in 2017. It's really a great view.

hogback mountain Marquette

Sue met me for lunch at a ski area trailhead, and then I dropped down to the Dead River. How did a beautiful river get such a morbid name? That information is probably lost in the mists of time. The early Ojibway name translates roughly as "by the Peninsula for Road to the Land of the Dead." The French translated that to River of the Dead (Riviere des Morts). That has now become Dead River.
Dead River

There were lots of wildlife tracks today. It was cold again, but with the sun, I guess the critters came out. Deer, rabbit and mouse tracks were abundant. These mallards aren't anything special, but it was nice to actually see something moving about.
mallard ducks

Just a little farther, and I was back on the shores of Lake Superior looking at the Marquette lighthouse.

Marquette area has lots of recreational trails and people have been using them all weekend. Skiers, fat-tire bicyclists, walkers, joggers, dog-walkers, etc. Every single piece of trail I was on today had been walked since the recent snow by at least one other person. Some sections had been heavily used.
Marquette lighthouse

The sun was most welcome!

Sue said we better have ham or pork for dinner to celebrate crossing Hogback. So we had split pea soup with extra ham, and she also got some cheddar biscuits from Red Lobster. Dinner felt high on the hog even though we ate it in the trailer rather than on top of the mountain.

Miles today: 10.1. Total miles so far: 4096.4.

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Ann said...

Very appropriate dinner. I love those cheddar biscuits from Red Lobster.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- I'd never had them before, but they are yummy