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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Misty - Day 344

  Instead of raining all day, it sort of cleared up after daybreak. I thought I'd try to backfill some of the miles I skipped to do the Porkies. Since a lot of this was road, Sue could snatch me from the rain if it got too bad. But it never really rained- it was just misty all day. Sue and the puppers even walked out to meet me before lunch.
walker with dogs

The best part of the road walk was going past Copper Peak Ski Jump. The joke is that I could see it better from 10+ miles away yesterday, because it was so foggy today.
Copper Peak Ski Jump

This is looking straight up the ski run. You can barely see the tower up there. If you don't know what kind of skiing this is all about, just look on You Tube for Copper Peak ski flying. It will make you glad you stick to safe things like ice skating and cross-country skiing!
Copper Peak Ski Jump

Now let's switch to botany. I know! Botany in November! This one is easily recognized when it first comes up in early summer because the stem curls over and looks wilted for a long time before it stands up straight. It's a wild orchid, but don't get too excited. It's alien. However, it's become so naturalized, it is now considered the most common orchid in Michigan. Epipactis helleborine. This is the first time I've seen the seed pods so nicely preserved.
helleborine seed pods

There was also a large area of this, which is dwarf scouring rush, actually a horsetail. Equisetum scirpoides. I love how it's tiny and curly. I think it would be great in a rock garden.
dwarf scouring rush

The last few miles of the day were back on trail. This is another truly lovely section of the NCT as it closely follows the Black River. And the water really does look quite black.
Black River

Another fantasy epic moment here. The water is slipping smoothly around that big rock ahead.
Black River

What's happening on the other side of the rock? Great Conglomerate Falls!
Great Conglomerate Falls

Beyond that, the river rushes away to hurry on to the next waterfall.
Black River

Another attempt at being artsy. Willow leaves look like an Oriental painting- I suppose they should be bamboo to be accurate, but I liked it anyway.
willow leaves

Miles today: 17.2. Total miles so far: 4026.3. With the extra miles added by new trail re-routes, plus a closure I already know about due to beaver flooding, I STILL have over 800 miles to go. I keep walking, but I don't seem to be getting closer to home. Tomorrow is almost guaranteed to be a rain day. It's already raining pretty hard.

See Escarpment Trail


Ann said...

Just the sound of ski flying tells me it's not something I would want to try.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Hello, little dogs! That looks like a great place for a walk!"
Java Bean: "I don't think I would enjoy ski flying."
Charlee: "I would try it!"
Chaplin: "Me too!"