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Thursday, November 3, 2022

Michigan! - Day 338

  It was a beautiful day...
blue sky day

... to walk to Michigan! This was on the road crossing sign at the end of the day yesterday.
hiker by michigan sign

Today was all road walk, although several miles were soft surfaced woods roads. But this allowed us to hike really fast. At our second break stop there was a bar/restaurant. We stopped and celebrated with cold drinks and a bag of Combos. Pretty basic celebration, but it made me exceptionally happy. Hey- when a cold drink tastes good in November, it's a winner, right?

Just a few more miles and we got a glimpse of Lake Superior. Haven't seen Gitchee-Gumee since Minnesota.
glimpse of Lake Superior

Here it is! What a perfect day to see the "shining big-sea waters."
Lake Superior

Only two more miles. Nuts. Michigan didn't have a welcome sign on this road. But Wisconsin did. Bill has now completed all the Wisconsin NCT miles, his first NCT state he can cross off (although he's really close on Michigan and Ohio, but those are the two biggest mileage states). He had walked the western half previously. We've been together for the eastern half of the state.
Goodbye Wisconsin

This was hilarious. Right below the sign someone had discarded a pair of hiking boots. Or perhaps Bill had a ghost walker shadowing him all the way.
boots walking

Just a few more steps and we reached the middle of the bridge over the Montreal River, the border between Michigan and Wisconsin.
woman on bridge with river

Bonus Section: the westernmost point in Michigan

Bill then took me down to a park where you can get to the westernmost point in Michigan. It's not on the trail, but it was so close he said we had to see it. That point of land that sticks into the water from the right side of the picture is it. This is at the mouth of the Montreal River.
west point of Michigan

And here I am with Wisconsin behind me. I guess that's appropriate!
western point in Michigan

Miles today: 16.9. Total miles so far: 3962.3.

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CJ said...

Connie Julien, PWC in the Western UP of Michigan is looking forward to having you on our trail!!!

Ellie said...

Welcome to Michigan! And our state greeted you with another perfect day of "fall" weather. I can't believe how calm and blue Lake Superior looks. I was in the west end of the UP last summer, and it was fun hi8king on those sections of the NCT. I hope this weather lasts at least a few more days for you.

vanilla said...

Whoot! Whoot! Michigan! On the Home Stretch.

Ann said...

What a beautiful welcome back.

Jeff said...

You make me want to get back on the longer trails! That part of Michigan is beautiful (I've only hiked in the west in the Porcupine Mts).

Fruitport said...

Awesome! Welcome back to Michigan. I've learned soooo much reading your posts every day!

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "To make a slight adjustment to the theme song from 'That 70s Show' ... Goodbye, Wisconsin!"