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Friday, November 4, 2022

Moving and More - Day 339

  I've hiked 19 days in a row without a break. I'm feeling it. As it turned out, there wasn't a lot of rain today so I probably could have hiked, but anyway, I moved the trailer, did some hike planning, and then the Heritage Chapter of the NCTA had an evening party. If I had hiked also, it would have been a crazy-stressful day.

As it turned out, there were members of five chapters attending their little get-together. Here is one representative from each of those chapters. Left to right we have Bethany (Heritage), Carl (Ni-Miikanaake), Joan (Spirit of the Woods), Sue (Peter Wolfe), Bill (Hiawatha Shore-to-Shore). That seemed pretty cool for a small gathering.

There were also three members of the Next Generation Coalition there. I met some of them at the Celebration, so Tessa and Felicia were there, but the lady on the right, Lisa, I had not previously met.
NCTA Next Gen Coalition

Pizza was provided, and there was lots of fun chatting and laughing.

Now it's time to thank our last hosts, Ellie and Kevin of the Chequamegon Chapter.
man and woman in a car

Not only were they willing to have my trailer there, they offered Bill the same deal. It was pretty cool to be staying right next to Bill, and it made the place look as if we were in our own little trailer park. They insisted on feeding us (life it tough, right?), and one evening some other trail friends came and brought food. This is also where the bonfire was. Lots of socializing for me!
small campers at night

I am also taking tomorrow off. It's supposed to rain quite a lot. Even if it doesn't, I'm going to concentrate on resting. But the sad news about tomorrow is that Bill has to leave.

Everyone is worried about how I'm going to get through the UP. All I can do is make tentative plans and take one day at a time. Right now, the upcoming week looks pretty good for November. Telling me about storms that aren't where I am and fussing for me are pointless.

Tomorrow, I'll show you what I purchased with the gift money I was generously given when I asked for help to buy winter spikes.

See Michigan!


Ann said...

After 19 straight days of hiking you deserved a break.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Did somebody say pizza?!"