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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

It's All New to Me - Day 337

  Today's hiking was 100 % off road, and 100 % new since I was last here. In fact, about 3 miles near the beginning are so new that they aren't really open yet. However, we were given good maps and advance info. The big challenge of the section, and of the day, was that we had to wade Tyler Forks. Yes, this is the smaller river from yesterday with all the waterfalls and fast water. Here, it is barely moving, but it was a little deeper than might be comfortable. Bill went across first.
wading Tyler Forks

I'm shorter, but we both made it safely across. The DNR is going to build a bridge here, but they won't start until next year.
wading Tyler Forks

We were constantly amazed at the outcrops of rocks. I just don't remember this about Wisconsin. And I couldn't find out much about their composition in a fast search. For now, I'll just say they were impressive. And big... we climbed over 300 feet up one pile called Porcupine Hill.

At the top were the remains of a very old fire tower. Much older than the forest service ones. In fact, I've never seen tower foundations of cribs filled with rocks. And it only had 3 legs. One volunteer said that the county thinks it is from about 1900.
tower foundations

Speaking of volunteers, we ran into Joe and Bethany, out doing trail work.

This huge bridge over Tyler Forks, was built with donations in memory of Bethany's husband. This is a truly impressive structure.
Bill Thomas Bridge

We've now moved very far upstream on Tyler Forks. Remember, it joined the Bad River at Brownstone Falls. But that doesn't mean it's a boring little creek. Nope. It's got rocks and flow enough to create Wren Falls.
Wren Falls

One really interesting fact is that there have been efforts from time to time to mine gold in Wisconsin. This is the remains of the Maxim Mine which operated from 1903- 1910. There was an attempt to mine gold and copper, but it was never economically viable.
Maxim Mine

The shell of a steam drill was abandoned. We also found what was probably the well.
steam drill

The afternoon was hillier than we expected, but we just kept walking. Things leveled out along the Potato River.
Potato River

In other fun news, we watched a northern harrier hunting, found a tunnel in one of the rock piles that you could crawl through, and speculated a lot about the rocks.

Miles today: 14.9. Total miles so far: 3945.4.

See Bad River


Ann said...

That water was rather deep that you had to wade across.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "That's a hard pass on the wading, thank you, no."
Java Bean: "I'll swim right across!"
Lulu: "Our Dada is always fascinated by ruins and abandoned machinery and this stuff you saw today was no exception."
Chaplin: "Hmm, maybe he should've gotten into archaeology instead of computers ..."

Tman said...

There is a walk around and I haven't heard it's okay
to cross the river like that.