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Thursday, January 26, 2023

In My Natural Habitat

  All that happened today was that I worked on finances and bookwork, and I managed to get about 2 square feet more floor space clear in the living room. The amount of stuff to sort here is staggering.

So, I'll play "Throwback Thursday" and amuse you with one of my favorite pictures of me from long ago. This one got nicknamed "Joan in her natural habitat." I believe I was 14 when this was taken. I was cooking dinner for the family on an open fire in our backyard. I am wearing a sailor hat. For some reason, I liked it for about 3 years in high school. You may recall that I detest hats now, and have for my entire adult life. I think that hat got associated with camp, and that's why I liked it.
girl cooking on campfire

I need to get some empty boxes to pack up the video tapes. Maybe tomorrow.

Perhaps I should pick up the stories of Camp Comstock which got put on hold as I got ready for my big hike. They would be more interesting than how many piles of garbage I've combed through.

See Time's Up


PamDDO said...

Yes, more camp stories, please!

Ann said...

What a great picture. I'm wondering what's for dinner.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Hey I have an idea! You do the stories, and we animals will sort through the garbage."
Chaplin: "Yes!!! I am totally on board with this! Wait, it IS food garbage we're talking about, right?"
Java Bean: "It might be cardboard. That's fun too."

Sharkbytes said...

Pam- I will get my act together and continue the series

Ann- No clue, but it had some kind of soup in it

LCJ- You don't know Hezekiah, but he was my trash hound. He was a champion.