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Monday, August 22, 2011

Om Says Seven

photo label

My new computer got attacked by a worm tonight, and I've learned that Windows 7 doesn't let you do ANYTHING until it runs a full scan. So I'm back on the desktop which is refusing to recognize any USB ports tonight. So I asked Om for a number. He said 7. I did the old 7th folder, 7th picture thingie, and it came up with this map.

This is from my West Michigan quiet recreation website, and is the route of a Volksmarch walk you can do in Ludington, and receive a patch. I'd show you the patch, but the whole problem is that I can't get pics from any exterior sources... wait, maybe I can scan it.

photo label There it is! This is not a particularly scenic walk given the many beautiful choices there are in the Ludington area, but of course, I did it.

Volksmarching is an international activity. There are walking courses all over the world. You simply go to the locations, sign in, do the required walk and receive some sort of small reward, usually a pin or a patch. There is usually also a small fee. I haven't done any others. Maybe now that my big quest is finished I should try to do some- except that they are all about six miles, and there is lots of driving involved once you start doing a lot of them.

Guess I'll go see how the scan is doing. Part of having a quality day means that you can't get bent out of shape even if you have to go to plan B.


Loretta said...

Like this hike....has a stop at the House of Flavors!

betchai said...

oh, sorry about your new computer, hope it gets fixed soon.

Ratty said...

I learn so much about these hiking activities from you. Growing up in Detroit, there weren't many things to do like this. Good luck with the scan.

Sharkbytes said...

Loretta- at both ends!

betchai- all fixed... another trip to the computer place.

Ratty- I'm here to tell you where to hike in west Michigan!

RNSANE said...

Very interesting! Darn computers...we are too dependent on them!

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