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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Not Quite Several Things

This is not quite kitchenhenge. I missed the date by a day because of clouds. But it's close.

This is not quite a sun pillar. The "burned-out" blob isn't the sun, which is still below the horizon. I guess it's a sun plinth (on which the pillar would be built?) See link below for a good sun pillar.

beginning of sun pillar

This is not quite perfect. Stupid wires. But not bad.

pink clouds

Gray and damp all day today. Way too much to do. But this is all about quality days, so I won't worry about "not quite," I'll just enjoy that it's something.

See Sun Pillar in Pink
See Sun Pillar from 1999
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Secondary Roads said...

The equinox is best marked here by the sun setting in the narrow gap between the neighbor's two silos. Missed it here this year because of the weather.

Lin said...

The weather is cold and rainy here too. Yuck. You were lucky to get that beautiful sunset!

Ann said...

Those darn wires ruin a perfectly good view all the time

RNSANE said...

Some days are just so busy, one can hardly find a minute to enjoy them...at least, that's how mine seem lately!

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