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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Black Swallowtail Butterfly

What a treat today! As I came back from a not-too-exciting road walk with Maggie, look what was feasting at my own flower bed.

black swallowtail

This is the Black Swallowtail butterfly, Papilio polyxenes. I just love dark butterflies like this one! When I first saw it I wasn't sure it was a swallowtail, because the bright flowers behind it are so distracting. But when I got close enough, I could clearly see the tails.

Then, the next question is "which one?" There are three possibilities here. The Spicebush, the Palamedes, or the Black. I learned something today, if I can only remember it! The Black is easy to tell from the others because it has a distinct double row of yellow spots on the hind wing.

I have a "secret" to tell today, too. I'm leaving for New York on Sunday. First, I will see my friend, Elaine, then Marie and I are going to hike on the Finger Lakes Trail five days, and finally I'm going to her house for a few more days.

My hope is to get posts scheduled for Sunday through Saturday, when I'm less likely to have internet access. We shall see if I succeed!

See Red Spotted Purple Admiral
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Sue McPeak said...

Hello Lady Shark...interesting name BTW, and interesting Blog you have here. Thanks for visiting my AtoZ Family Tree 'W' post and commenting. I see you made it all the way through the list...well done! I'm sorry I didn't get to yours at the beginning. I am a new follower and like you I did find several blogs that will stay on my Sidebar Blog List.

I read your 'Y' post and found your 'Results' ran right along with my own thinking. I'm glad I did this at least once as it added to my Genealogy Data Base and got me motivated in that direction.

Thanks again for visiting CollectInTexas Gal. I'll be back for more of your Quality Day and your wonderful photos....Sue

Secondary Roads said...

A pretty flutterby. Have fun in NY state. We have a niece that lives in that area. She's both an RN and a JD.

Ann said...

What a pretty butterfly. Have fun on your trip

Kelly said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Sew Alluring, for the A-Z. This butterfly is beautiful!! I painted a picture like that years ago :)

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Sue- I'll have to visit back. After seeing so many new blogs, I really can't remember hardly any of them.

Hi Chuck- I'll be over near Sidney,NY.

Hi Ann- Hoping I'll have more pretty pix from the trip.

Kelly- It would be a great critter to paint. I'll check out your blog again. My memory of individuals is pretty low after 1722 blogs!

Lin said...

Oh, go, and forget the internet for a few days! But have fun!! :)

LOVELY butterfly. Lots of admirals around here these days. Hobbes is having a field day!

John said...

We have a swallowtail here which looks similar, but has more yellow, less black. I still haven't managed to catch one with my camera :-(

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