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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bear Tracks!

Today was a work day. At one house I was checking, the owner told me to watch out for bears. I chuckled a bit.

He said, "Really! We had a big one come through the back yard this morning and take down the bird feeder."

He was not kidding, and the bear left a nice set of prints through this prepared garden dirt. The dirt was so soft, the impressions aren't too distinct, but the pattern of the tracks is fantastic.

black bear tracks

The toes don't really show, but you can easily see the general shape.

black bear tracks

This set shows how they sometimes get "pigeon toed."

black bear tracks

The man also said, "If that bear comes for you, you run in the house quick. I'll watch you till you're finished."

But all I saw was the tracks.

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betchai said...

it's exciting and scary at the same time, even just the tracks are very interesting.

Loretta said...

kinda glad you only saw the prints, but you probably wanted a photo of the print maker....

john bain said...

I bet that bear walked through that nicely prepared dirt on purpose! We don't tend to call it dirt. We call it soil. Just a snippet of information for you. I know you are interested in our differences.

Chuck said...

The black bears I've seen have been shy. Of course, I've never met a sow with cubs. Fortunately that didn't appear to be the case where you visited on business.

Lin said...

Yikes! And I thought the raccoons were a problem in my yard! I'd be scared with a bear. :o

Lynn Proctor said...

wow how amazing!

vanilla said...

"But all I saw was the tracks."

Ann said...

Wow, how exciting. Glad to hear you didn't have to make a run for the house while you were there though

Emma Springfield said...

I just keep thinking how fortunate you are to have captured such clear pictures of clear footprints.

Sharkbytes said...

betchai- I've only seen one track at a time before, so this is awesome.

Loretta- maybe not that close! Although the one's I've encountered have all run away

Lin- they are getting quite bold here

Lynn- They are pretty common, but seldom leave such nice tracks

vanilla- black bears hardly ever fail to run away if you make noise

Ann- actually, that wouldn't have been a good action to take. Run away, their instinct is to chase. It's better to stand up to a black bear

Emma- Now I want some that show the toes better, like in wet sand!

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